CiSMAT evening at Club Carinthia


Many thanks to Mr. Stollwitzer and Mr. Weinberger for their invitation to present the results of our research work at a special Club Carinthia evening in Vienna on the 11th of November!


Many thanks also to all Club members, who came out in force to attend our presentation. 


In particular, we had the pleasure of presenting and discussing our results from  the i-MON project, where we are currently developing a wireless sensor for the Structural Health Monitoring of bridges and tunnels. We were also able to discuss the R&D differences between France and Austria. The ways of doing R&D are different in these two countries, with pros and cons in each of them. We strongly believe that it is possible to achieve very good results by combining the best of each “culture”. This is what we strive to do at CiSMAT, where excellent French and Austrian engineers work closely together on many cutting-edge topics.


We hope to have the pleasure of attending one of Club Carinthia’s wonderful evenings again in years to come!