Four trainees from the ISAE institute at CiSMAT

We are very happy to welcome four new students from ISAE-Supméca (Paris) and ISAE-ENSMA (Poitiers) for long internships, which are part of their respective Masters of Engineering Curricula. These interships are part of our main R&D projects, and contribute to their progress. Thank you to all four students, for the very good work!

Mathis Barriol (ISAE-Supméca) is working on the integration of force sensors into 3D-printed prostheses.

Hector Jadeau-Guichard (ISAE-Supméca) is developing a new method for the rapid design of molded pulp packaging.

Guillaume Pluvinage (ISAE-ENSMA) is evaluating the potentials of phase changing materials for passive air conditioning applications.

Nathan Mertz (ISAE-ENSMA) is designing a customized user interface for sensor-equipped prostheses and orthoses.