Participation in the “Advanced Materials Day 2020”

H. Oberlercher and R. Heim just presented their latest research results, in the field of 3D printing of continuous fiber composite materials (CFC), at the Advanced Materials Day 2020, held at the TU Graz on the 28/09/2020. This symposium is an interdisciplinary event, where researchers in chemistry, physics, architecture, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and geodesy can present and discuss their ideas and research results.

Previous investigations of 3D-printed Carbon Fiber-PA6 (CF-PA6) materials have revealed the presence of numerous cavities in the laminate, which led to the deterioration of the mechanical properties. These imperfections can be described as “deconsolidation”. They result mainly from a poor selection of the 3D-printing process parameters, and from an inadequate consolidation procedure, during 3D printing. An optimization strategy was designed and applied. Significant improvement in the macrostructure was achieved. For more information, please contact MSc. Hannes Oberlercher ( or have a look at their poster.