This research group will be an intensified, multi-disciplinary research collaboration with RESPECT (RF wireless) and CISMAT (Carinthia Institute of Smart Materials ) for Mechatronic sensor integration in the development of integrated wireless sensors and smart manufacturing/smart living. It is not only aligned with the diverse research facilities inside Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, but also follows the strategy of Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) to increase the international competitiveness in the future.

Our goal is to investigate, develop and integrate complete autonomous sensor modules e.g. based on IC/ASIC platform, which integrate sensor actuation, sensing, data processing, RF/wireless communication and portable energy harvesting on a single small chip /system-board for Industry IoT/industry 4.0 smart manufacturing applications.

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Dr. Dongning Zhao (Group Leader)

Dr.-Ing. Michael Köberle

Dr. Sahar Sarafi

Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Sterner

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Haselberger

Ing. Ingmar Bihlo

Coming soon!

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