The iMaterial research group is part of the Carinthian Institute for Smart Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (CiSMAT). As experts in fiber materials and smart materials, we are primarily concerned with the application of lightweight construction principles in additive manufacturing and their process optimization.

Innovative 3D Printing Processes and Techniques, for High-Performance Composite Materials.

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FH-Prof. Dr. Franz Riemelmoser  Lightweight Design (Group Leader)

MSc. Hannes Oberlercher, 3D-Printing Technologies

MSc. Alexander Berndt, High-Performance Composites

B. Eng. Clarissa Becker, CFK Simulation

J. Bushati, 3D-Printing Controller

Dr. Robert Winkler, FEM Simulations

FH-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heiden, Innovation & Systems

FH-Prof. Dr. Robert Hauser, Know-How Transfer (CUAS-iMaterials)