Research Objectives

  1.   an easy applicable comprehensive and structured method that integrates emerging methods for product design, selection of material and production techniques (with particular focus on additive manufacturing), as well as methods for validation of impacts on economics and design support that still needs to be developed (e.g., systematic merging of functions by systematic merging of components) with particular focus on synergies of additive manufacturing and classical production techniques.

  2.  implementation of this comprehensive method as a recommender system on TRL 7.

  3.  roll-out of a cloud-based platform that makes this recommender system available and provides integrated taxonomies for production techniques, manufacturing services providers and raw material as well as a rule base for economic design decisions.



     Interreg CE-S3HubsinCE – Development and connection of smart specialization hubs in Central Europe

R. Willmann, Product design with integrated holistic validation of economics of metal-based 3D-printing by the help of a recommender system, International Conference on Industrial Technology – ICIT 2019, Februar 13th to 15th 2019, Melbourne, Australia

Roland Willmann – Information Technology (Group Leader)

Robert Hauser – Sensors

Reinhard Tober – Product Engineering

Ziad Khalil – Additive Manufacturing and Product Engineering

Josef Zwatz – Mechanical Engineering


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